Welcome to the Holistic Hen - Sharing Experiences Raising Organic Chickens, Quail & Pigeons

Organically raised chickens, quail, fantail pigeons and the occasional guest poultry all living in 1000m2 of organic forest garden. The following articles attempt to look at the poultry's view of life in the backyard and to observe and share how they thrive and survive in the environment we created for them. On the occasions when I need to intervene, I do so with a holistic approach to the bird as an individual and also to infer from the situation what this tells me about the general health, happiness and dynamics of the flock. I look at stress management and show how to use nutrition and phytotherapy for both prevention and cure of various conditions. These articles are on-going, they occur either as they happen to us or because someone has asked me for help with their birds and thus to share what I have learned from the experience.



PART 1 Comprehensive Guide to Red Mite Dermanyssus gallinae - Identification & Assessment

PART 2 - Prevention & 3 Cures - Essential Oil - Fire - Steam plus film

In the following two part articles I set out the information I used and protocols I created from reading through the available research on red mite, coupled with that garnered from my own observations and experience. The most important features of all parasitism, in my experience, is to clearly identify the parasite, understand its life-cycle and combine this with an assessment of the particular level of infestation. Only then can we fully comprehend what our actions should be and moreover without this knowledge we can waste vital time and energy on unnecessary treatments, instead of dealing with what can become a very real threat to our poultry....read more