Welcome to the Holistic Hen - Sharing Experiences Raising Organic Chickens, Quail & Pigeons

Organically raised chickens, quail, fantail pigeons and the occasional guest poultry all living in 1000m2 of organic forest garden. The following articles attempt to look at the poultry's view of life in the backyard and to observe and share how they thrive and survive in the environment we created for them. On the occasions when I need to intervene, I do so with a holistic approach to the bird as an individual and also to infer from the situation what this tells me about the general health, happiness and dynamics of the flock. I look at stress management and show how to use nutrition and phytotherapy for both prevention and cure of various conditions. These articles are on-going, they occur either as they happen to us or because someone has asked me for help with their birds and thus to share what I have learned from the experience.


Scaly Leg & Scaly Face in Quail Part 3 - Follow-Up Treatment

Scaly leg treatment for organic quail
Above you can see the difference after over a week of dust-bathing and my quail working on her feet. There is still more to do but I have given her legs another bath in the mixture and will monitor to see what happens. Remember these minute spiders have burrowed into the scales, so they need to be worked on gently preferably by the quail herself. She will remove dead mites and debris at her own pace and so as not to give herself pain or injury to the skin. At the same time as I retreated her I also did the same to all the other quail too. The film for the whole chronological process can be found at the end of this article.....read more


Scaly Leg/Tassel Foot & Scaly Face in Quail

Knemidocoptes mutans a very successful, microscopic burrowing mite, is one I have dealt with before within these pages in its relationship to my hens and cockerels. I also mentioned that it could....read more

Scaly Leg/Scaly Face in Quail 2 - Treatment

In the following we will look at how to treat scaly leg and scaly face with organic, readily-available, effective and low cost solutions.....read more

Scaly Leg and Face Mite Infestations Why They Happen & What To Do Part 1

I look at the correlation between specific deficiency and parasitisation because it is fundamental to everything I believe is wrong...read more

Scaly Leg Mite Infestations What To Do Part 2

I look at the options both medicinal and nutritional for dealing with this microscopic mite ...read more

Scaly  Face Mite Infestations Treatment Part 3

If you haven't this miraculous substance already in your pantry then I advise you to get some, both for your own and your poultry's health...read more

Organic quail chick and mother hen

Quail Why and how? Getting started.

I had read that for centuries in Japan and China quail eggs had been used in  the treatment of various respiratory diseases and allergies.  Finding no organic eggs on the market, I decided to raise them myself...read more

Organic quail chicks with mother Ardenner bantam

Quail Hatch - Taking you through the first few days.

Polly and the quail at three days old and already something of a handful! I kept them in the nest for the first three days, letting them gain in strength...read more

Organic quail chick and hen free-rangingHow your hen can bring out the best in baby quail.

Years of selective breeding have not only bred the broodiness out of domesticated quail but also their ability to identify and seek out their own food. read more