Organic quail chick and mother henWhy and how? Getting started.

I had read that for centuries in Japan and China quail eggs had been used in  the treatment of various respiratory diseases and allergies.  Finding no organic eggs on the market, I decided to raise them myself...read more

Organic quail chicks with mother Ardenner bantam

Taking you through the first few days.

Polly and the quail at three days old and already something of a handful! I kept them in the nest for the first three days, letting them gain in strength...read more

Organic quail chick and hen free-rangingHow your hen can bring out the best in baby quail.

Years of selective breeding have not only bred the broodiness out of domesticated quail but also their ability to identify and seek out their own food. read more

A very broody hen displayingUnderstanding broodiness in hens. How  this helps in raising quail

The idea of 'a' broody hen is a simplified human interpretation of what is a complex and recurring phase in a bird's life. ...read more
Raising quails with a mother hen

Choosing the right Mother Hen

Raising quail with a hen is a three way process, there has to be understanding and adaptability from both mother and chick(s) but there also has to be...read more

My coturnix quail is broody and sitting eggsOne of my quail has gone broody and is sitting eggs.

So here I am with my design for a secure quail breeding area still in the workshop and Ginger already sitting and on her 6th day of incubation...read more

Organically raised quail eggs - my quail is sittingOne of my quail has gone broody and is sitting eggs - Update.

I should have known nothing is ever simple with quail but it certainly is exciting...read more

My coturnix quail is nesting and sitting her own eggsOne of my quail has gone broody  - Update 2.

Everything seemed to be going well, Ginger, our golden coturnix quail had been sitting her second nest very seriously now for 14 days ...read more

My coturnix quail and her chickMy quail is raising her own chicks  - Update 3.

I was amazed by the way Ginger had accepted the quail chicks and they had instantly warmed to her...read more

Quail chick with riboflavin deficiency - curled toe paralysisIdentification of riboflavin deficiency in purchased quail and hatching eggs

Quail have a high basal metabolic rate and as such their problems with nutrition are dramatically and rapidly revealed...read more

Quail chick being treated for riboflavin deficiencyCure curled toe paralysis (riboflavin deficiency)

For my 'field study', I am using the example of quail chicks, from non-organic purchased hatching eggs because this is the area in which, sadly I have a great deal of experience ..read more

quail eggs medicinal usesA comprehensive guide into the history & use of quail eggs in medicine Part 1

How we cured Andy's hay fever and eczema with a dip into Ancient Egypt and 60's France...read more

quail eggs for allergies and diseasesA comprehensive guide into the history & use of quail eggs in medicine  Part 2

Now we eat quail eggs for pleasure..here I look in depth at the clinical trials in the 1960s and the posology used then and by us...read more

Tips and strategies for raising natural organic quail chicks

I hadn't really intended that 'Snow Kitten' should raise quail but she was broody and I'm always wanting to spread the word on cage-free quail. In fact it caused quite a stir and eve...read more

Encouraging Pair-bonding, Nesting and Broodiness in Coturnix Quail

I'm sharing the setting up of a safe quail breeding area. Andy and I created this last year but the broody quail beat us to it...read more

The Colours of Coturnix Quail - Intro & Brown

In the pages of this site, I write mostly on practical issues and as 'The Holistic Hen', I do always hope that I am looking at the whole bird. Thus plumage colour is important ....read more

The Colours of Coturnix Quail 2 - Gold

The controversial Golden quail is there just one or more and what's with the yellow lethal allele? That and more discussed here....read more

In Search of the Singing Coturnix

Two World Wars destroyed the bloodline of the singing quail, which had been established over centuries. Now however...read more

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