How to sprout grain for your poultry

Sprouting grain and pulses for your flock, where, why, how, what and when?

I'm not a great fan of cultivated grain, we like to limit it in our own diet so why not in our poultry's. If you read the average bag of even organic pelleted more
Providing forage for poultry - pastured chickens

Providing Forage for Organic Poultry Part 1

Going backwards to go forward - If you are setting up a forest garden  to run your poultry through it, you are probably going to be short of certain wild pasture more
Polish Hens (Tolbunt and Chamois) foraging for food in aForest garden

Providing Forage for Organic Poultry Part 2

Continuing an in-depth look into forage and discussing the what, when, where from and more
Landgirls feeding tablescraps to pastured poultry  

Food for Free. Fabulous Forage Part 1 Grass

For centuries farmers and homesteaders raised poultry on a forage-based diet supplemented only by a handful of grain and the more
Feeding chickweed to hens

Food for Free. Fabulous Forage Part 2 Chickweed

Stellaria media an incredible food and medicinal for poultry, an in-depth look at this ubiquitous more
Tree fodder - leaves as food for organic poultry

Food for Free. Fabulous Forage Part 3 Tree Fodder & Tree Hay

The idea of tree fodder is inextricably linked with the changing landscape, the full domestication of animals, the concept of farming and the clearance of the forests... read more
Growing roses in a forest garden to feed poultry 

Food for Free. Fabulous Forage Part 4 Roses for Food & Forest

For me the rose is the quintessential forest garden plant, from canopy to ground cover there are so many to choose from ... read more

Food for Free. Fabulous Forage Part 5 Rose Petals

One of the main roses I use for both cooking, medicinals and which my hens very much enjoy is, not surprisingly, rosa gallica Officinalis, or The Apothecary Rose... read more

Quail, Chickens & Watercress - A winning combination

So what is it that makes watercress so special? It's not just the quantity of individual vitamins and minerals but more

Quail, Chickens  & Watercress Part 2 - Cultivation & Harvest

Contrary to its common name nasturtium officianale does not need to be grown in water, moist soil is fine. However,  it does give the more


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